Decals and Guest Decals


For Decals and Guest permits, please contact Recon Parking Management 

(only if you are an approved resident of the community).  

Recon Parking Mgmt: (954) 690.5162

Obtaining a Guest Permit

 A virtual guest permit can be obtained by going to their website:

Click on the Guest Permit page and fill out the required information. A confirmation is sent to you when you choose email or text message. The permit is a virtual permit and only known to the parking enforcement specialist assigned to your property. Therefore, no display on the dashboard is needed.  

Booted Vehicle

If your vehicle has been booted, you will need to contact:


No Go Booting: (561) 305.2954

Important Notice

Decals go inside of the vehicle, front windshield- driver side. Only approved residents can obtain parking decals. Guests visiting residents for more than thirty (30) days need to submit an application for approval.